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Post Placement Reports

Adoption post placement reports are required after you are home with your child(ren). The country or US State of your child’s birth has requirements regarding the number of reports required and the time they are due. IAS will assist the adoptive family in preparing these reports in a timely manner and forwarding the reports as designated.

Your social worker will visit with you and your child in your home to discuss how you and your child are adjusting as a new family and writing a report of the visit. A minimum of one visit and report are required, but many countries and U.S. states require at least three. It is vital to meet these requirements so that other children in need of adoption will have the opportunity to join an adoptive family. Each report is sent to the primary agency which linked your child with you. The primary agency will forward the report as required.

IAS will also assist you with the Minnesota county court finalization paperwork needed to adopt or “re-adopt” your child in Minnesota in your county court. Children who enter the country with an IR-3 or IH-3 visa automatically receive a certificate of citizenship. Children who enter the country with an IR-4 visa are required to have a Minnesota Adoption Decree to obtain citizenship. Some U.S. States allow the child born in their state to be adopted in your county court.

After all of this, you now can relax, spend quality time with your new son or daughter (or both!) and enjoy being together as a family.