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Home Study Fees

245A.04, Subd. 10 item 2; Statute 259.258 Subd. 2; Statute 259.37,Subd 2 item (5)


The fees charged include the collection of and processing of the documents required for the agency to approve a prospective adoptive family and home visits conducted by the agency social worker. This also includes writing reports, ongoing contact with the adoptive family and contact with the primary agency. All fees are subject to change.

Services to Prospective Adoptive Parents:

$2,700   ADOPTION HOME STUDY FEE (the first half, $1,350 due when application is processed is non-refundable)
$_____   HOME STUDY TRAVEL FEES Families will be charged a mileage fee for each social worker visit to their home at a per mile fee allowed by the Federal Government. In addition, driving time by your social worker which exceeds 30 minutes will be added at a rate of $25.00 per hour.
$_____   HAGUE COMPLIANT TRAINING - online (each training organization has a fee)
$   650   IAS adoptive families who are proceeding with two adoptions simultaneously, from different programs, add $650 for second home study.

$   650   Home study updates are required for:
  • the extension of U.S. Immigration Services approval
  • annually for families who are pursuing a domestic adoption.
  • move in residence and/or the birth of a child
  • Home study extension –one of two children placed in home
$1,550   U.S. Immigration still valid for 2nd child as per approval in initial home study

Documents required for an update:
  • current Adam Walsh background search reports ($70.00 per person for household members age 13)
  • current medical report
  • current employment verification
  • current DHS forms

$1,850   ADOPTION HOME STUDY FEE IAS adoptive families who are reapplying for another adoption (if done within 3 years (first payment of $1,000 is non-refundable)

HOME STUDY FEES for Families who have an approved home study prepared by another agency
$1,550   ADOPTION HOME STUDY FEE - Family has a current home study completed by another MN agency or has a current home study completed by an out-of-MN agency and have moved to MN

$  75   Partial assistance to finalize - Agency Consent/Report to Court
$300   IAS home study family - Per Post placement report: (i.e. Two children, two reports)
$500   Non IAS home study family first Post placement report with remaining reports at $300
$100   Post placement file review (when home study prepared by another agency)

The home study fees and post placement fees must be paid in full before the home study or report is released to you or any agency.

Payments to be made by visa, master card or debit card
  • Adoption Home Studies--The Application Processing fee, one/half of the home study fee plus travel fees are due before the first home study interview takes place. The last half of the home study fee is due when the final draft is completed and before IAS can release the home study.
  • Adoption Home Study Updated —the fee is due before the home study interview takes place.
  • Post placement/Post Adoption Visits/Reports. The visit/report fee plus travel is due before the report is sent to your primary agency.

  • Adoption Home Study and written assessment
    • when completed, meets the requirements of Minnesota State Laws. This study includes background checks, meeting with an adoption study counselor, and a home visit
    • when completed for an international adoption, also meets Hague requirements
  • Updated Adoption Home Study
  • Post Placement Reports
  • Assistance with Adoption Finalization
  • International Adoption Services, Inc. does not offer birth parent counseling services nor services to link adoptive families with children who are available for adoption. IAS is NOT a partner with the MN Department of Human Services (DHS) for Minnesota Waiting Children. Home studies to be submitted for a Minnesota Waiting Child MUST be prepared by a MN DHS Partner agency.
  • International Adoption Services, Inc. complies with the following State laws should services be rendered involving domestic adoption:

-- the Indian Child Welfare Act, Public Law 95-608; the Minnesotan Indian family preservation act, Minnesota Statutes, sections 260.751 to 260.835; the heritage act, Minnesota Statutes, sections 259.29, 260C.193, subdivision 3, and 260C.212 to 260C.215; and the interstate compact on the placement of children, Minnesota Statutes, section 260.851.

Statute 245A.04, Subd. 10 item 2; Statute 259.37, Subd 2 item (5)

I/We have received from International Adoption Services, Inc. and have read a copy of the "Commissioner's statement on Completing an Adoption in Minnesota" which explains the legal rights and responsibilities of the prospective adoptive parent(s) during the process and I/We understand that the prospective adoptive parent(s) are responsible for filing an adoption petition not later than 12 months after the child is placed in our prospective home.

Minnesota Rules, part 9545.0815 B and D; Minnesota Statutes, section 259.37, subd 2, item 3

International Adoption Services, Inc. does not have any placing programs nor representatives for any domestic or international adoptions. Should IAS in the future have placement services, a country specific disclosure will be provided to the prospective adoptive parent(s) with the general description of children the agency places for adoption, with attention to such points as age or special needs that determine whether the agency is able to serve a child. The specific placement service disclosure will also state the eligibility requirements or qualifications that the agency requires of the prospective adoptive parent(s).

For families pursuing the adoption of a child born outside the United States, it is understood that International Adoption Services, Inc. cannot and does not assume responsibility for the actions of a foreign government. Despite our approval of a family we cannot guarantee the actions of a foreign government entity, institution, Judge or court of jurisdiction to disapprove or invalidate the request of a particular family to adopt a specific child in the country of birth of that child. International Adoption Services, Inc. cannot and does not make any absolute guarantees of the acceptance of the documentation of a particular child/referral by the government, judge, and court system or immigration offices of that country.

International Adoption Services, Inc. makes every effort to assure the final adoption and placement of a specific child into the adoptive home but the final authority for approval of the child’s adoption and subsequent emigration to the United States is at the discretion of the government and national authorities in the country of birth of this specific child. We cannot guarantee that changes in the civil codes and regulations in the foreign country will not adversely affect adoption processing despite the fact that an individual case is already in process.

The time frames for adoption processing are APPROXIMATE and likelihood, given the circumstances of the prospective adoptive parent and any specific program to which the prospective adoptive parent is applying, that an adoptive placement may be made and the estimated length of time for making an adoptive placement. Adoptive placements can take between 6 months to two (2) years, depending if the adoption is domestic vs international (and varies by country). These estimates are based on adoptive placements made with prospective parents in similar circumstances applying to a similar program with the agency during the immediately preceding three to five years. If for any reason the agency has not been in operation for at least three years, it will provide summary data based on whatever adoptive placements it has made and may include a statement about the kind of efforts it will make to achieve an adoptive placement, including a timetable it will follow in seeking a child. IAS cannot guarantee placement of a child or a time by which a child will be placed.

International Adoption Services, Inc. charges only for services rendered. All fees are non-refundable once a particular service has been provided. However, fees for services(s) not provided will be refunded within 30 days. The applicant(s) request for a refund should be in writing and addressed to International Adoption Services, 4510 W 77th Street, Suite 220, Edina, MN 55435


International Adoption Services, Inc. will furnish a list of Attorneys that can offer assistance with completing legal requirements for an adoption in the State of Minnesota.


This agreement is signed based upon trust and honesty between the two parties. In the event of any disagreement, both will seek to restore the matter through discussions together. Should the applicant(s) and International Adoption Services, Inc. not reach a mutual understanding, the applicant(s) may register a complaint in a signed and dated written format to the Agency Director, the Agency Board of Directors at 4510 W 77th Street Suite 220, Edina, MN 55435, the State of Minnesota, Department of Human Services. If the matter involves a Hague Adoption (Individuals must first try to resolve a complaint through their Adoption Service Provider before submitting a complaint to the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption) the format is found on