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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can assist with an international adoption?

A U.S. Hague Accredited agency must be used to submit a child’s legal documents to U.S. Immigration for approval to immigrate.  These agencies are referred to as primary agencies.

You can choose a primary agency from anywhere in the United States. There are more than 200 Hague accredited agencies in the U.S.

The home study and post placements reports need to be completed by an agency in your home state of residence. I.A.S. specializes in working with you and your primary agency to fulfill the home study requirements of the State of Minnesota, The Hague and the country of your child’s birth. IAS also completes the post placement reports required by your child’s country of birth in the format required by that country.

Find a Hague-accredited agency by visiting the U.S. website This site has information on each country, which countries are members of the Hague, and which U.S. agencies have Hague accreditation.

Who can assist with a domestic adoption?

Any agency or attorney office in any U.S. state which assists birth parents who are choosing to make an adoption plan.

International Adoption Services provides home study services for Minnesota residents so they can work with any agency assisting birth parents with an adoption plan.  Some adoptive families know birth parents who are choosing to make an adoption plan and have an attorney to assist with the legal documents.

What is a Home Study?

A home study is a written report in a format required by the State of Minnesota and includes all information which is required by U.S. Immigration, the State of Minnesota and the U.S. state or the international country of the child’s birth.

For international adoption, a minimum of three notarized home studies are provided to the adopting family - one for U.S. Immigration, one for your dossier, and one for your file.

For domestic adoptions, a notarized home study is provided to the adoptive family as well as an electronic copy for efficient sharing with the primary agency. More info on our Home Study Page

What is post placement supervision?

After a child is placed, the social worker who prepared your home study, will visit your home, discuss any questions or concerns you may have and write a report about the child’s health and adjustment. The report is sent to the primary agency which assisted with the placement of your child. More info on our Post Placement Reports Page